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tv   Today  NBC  October 17, 2009 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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until then, have a good morning. >> see you. good morning. under scrutiny. the frantic 911 call that got authorities chasing that runaway balloon. >> are we sure that he's if that? >> no. we looked everywhere. >> now new potential source of distress for the heene family as authorities plan to ask them today, was it all a hoax? october surprise. parts of the country are digging out from an early wintery wallop as brutal storms pound the northeast. and there is still more misery on the way. what's causing this wild
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weather? and mother love. a baby kangaroo abandoned by his mother gets a new start and a new mom. find out who's raising him now new mom. find out who's raising him now saturday, october 17, 2009. captions paid for by nbc-universal television those people were bundled up in october. we'll talk about that. welcome to "today" on this saturday morning. i'm lester holt. >> i'm amy robach. the saga of the so-called balloon boy is far from over right now. >> authorities thought maybe the case was closed last thursday when it turned out falcon heene was never in that balloon but was hiding in the family garage. >> after that first wave of relief, many people started asking questions, such as, was it all a hoax? authorities are now wondering that as well and they plan to
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talk to the family again today. what will police learn and what type of impact does all of this have on the heene family, the children? we'll find out. >> i hate to be so jaded but there are some questions. >> especially of the launch itself. san francisco bay area today, 20 years ago today, dozens of people were killed in an earthquake that caused sections of the oakland bay fridge and a freeway to collapse. i went back to sanrancisco and talked to survivors of that harrowing day and experts who are hoping to save lives when the next big one strikes. later, another young boy made news this week when he stood up at a town hall meeting in new orleans to ask president obama a provocative question. we'll tell you what he asked and why we asked it when we meet the young man in a few minute. >> it took a lot of nerve for him to get up and ask the question. the president seemed like, ah, and then he answered him. first, questions for the colorado family who reported their son was aboard a runaway
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ballo balloon. falcon heene has turned up safe but authority want to know if the family told them the true stories. lee cowan outside ft. collins, colorado. >> reporter: detectives will be back at this home later on today to ask more questions, given if the family can try to put to rest once and for all whether this was a hoax or not. it was the family who released home video of the frantic moment that started it all. >> three, two, one. >> reporter: the video shows the balloon's tethers quickly through the family's grasp and the inventor is hardly pleased. >> go get it! >> reporter: shortly afterward -- >> it was an experimental plane? >> it's a flying saucer. >> reporter: it's a flying saucer? >> yes. >> 100 feet off the ground. >> reporter: dire enough until the family told the 911 dispatcher their 6-year-old son
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was on board as well. >> so are we sure that he's? that? >> no, we looked have where. >> reporter: not quite everywhere. after several hours of national suspen suspense, falcon heene emerged. not from his balloon but from his favorite hiding spot in the attic of hiswn home. a happy ending. but then came the questions. turns out that frantic 911 call wasn't the only one the family made. they called the faa first and then -- >> the family called and asked sky 9 to get involved. >> reporter: before dialling 911 they notified the local news station. >> i find it odd. >> reporter: but the larimer county sheriff's office says that's not what has him suspicious. it's what he said during this interview on cnn. >> why didn't you come out? >> you guys said that we did this for the show.
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>> reporter: the ide his parents may have used him to get publicity started to gain traction. during a morning round of interviews, the family was suddenly on the defensive. >> this is not some kind of a hoax. >> reporter: the family is used to documenting its exploits online, whether chasing storms or making rock videos. and they've been on an abc reality show twice. and they've reportedly been shopping around ideas for another one. but for the sheriff, even though he admits they are a different kind of family, making up such a wild caper seems a bit too much, even for them. >> either they're extremely good actors or this is a legitimate deal. >> reporter: now, even though the sheriff says he finds their story credible for now, this may not be the end. child protective services may be looking into the family but in a case like that, we're told, this is pretty routine. >>hank you. joining us for more insight is dr. janet taylor. good morning. >> good morning. >> the family has received a lot of criticism. a lot of it seems to be
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circumstantial based on their past history of seeking attention. is the criticism fair? >> well, i think the criticism's fair. basically, because they're trying to find an objective. not so much even was it a hoax, but did he put the kids in danger the past history with the reality tv. that certainly brings a lot of questions about the motives. so many people were emotionally involved. then to find out that maybe there was some -- there was something underlying that was predetermined to set this up brings up a lot of questions. >> i don't think any of us likes to feel jaded but we get that way because so often we see stories, not unlike this, in which they're not exactly what they appear. what does that say about us as a society? >> well, i mean, i think there's an emotional component and then you try to figure out the truth. certainly we when saw the balloon there was a lot of question about him. once we found out about the fact that they had been on reality tv, a lot of people said, oh, come on, this is a setup.
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>> i think about the kids. they have difficult round of morning talk show appearances yesterday, on this program as well, they're under attention, this particular little boy is under attention for notng else but hiding and causing all this stir and perha his family now being suspected of a hoax. what's the effect on the kids? >> you talk about exposures and then the fact that they were up all night, reportedly in terms of bed with clothes, chasing storms. you wonder about the chaos and the organization of the family unit and what the dynamics are, are they so permissive that they encourage of this kind of acting out or what are the limits and how effective parents are these parents on this family? >> and yet, there's something seductive for some people being in the spotlight and just being out there. would this family seem to fall in this category? >> absolutely. you think about reality tv, on demand, living the family experience while on tv certainly seems to be underlying with this
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family. >> hopefully we'll get to the bottom and get all the answers. dr. janet taylor, thank you so much. lester, thank you. in the northeast it feels and looklike winter has come about two months early after an october surprise. a storm that dumped up to a foot of heavy snow in some places. in fact, take a loo at what's happening right now. this is a live shot from state college, pennsylvania. looks like a winter wonderland for already hard-hit areas like this, there is much more on the way, maybe not welcome news. we'll have more from nbc news ron allen. >> reporter: a snow ball fight in connecticut. >> frosty is here. >> reporter: a snowman in new jersey in the shot on the local news. it's like christmas in october this weekend across the mid-atlantic states. some of the earliest snowfalls ever recorded. up to 9 inches just a few miles from penn state university's main campus. some tree limbs are down, scattered power outages. for the most part, white snow against a back drop of colorful
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autumn leaves has been a pleasant surprise. >> it's a little early. as long as it's not accumulating on the ground. >> it's unbelievable we got so much in such little time. >> reporter: another another ea nor'easter is on the way. >> i think it's going to be a big rain event for many areas, like new york city, boston, the hills, northwest new jersey, poconos, catskills, a rain/snow mix. >> reporter: for pennsylvania, up to maybe another foot of snow. this has many wondering how much snow will winter bring when it arrives two months from now? >> it's hard to say. i think it's going to be an average winter. seems to come earlier and earlier every year. >> reporter: nor'easter should be gone by monday with temperatures becoming more seasonal for fall. for "today," nbc news, ron allen. >> let's hea back to college state, pennsylvania, where a second wave of wintry snow has dumped more snow overnight.
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that's where we find the weather channel's mike seidel. >> reporter: they'll be sledding on the hill behind me in state college, still snowing. now 9 inches. the snowiest october on record. it was more like the middle of winter. you got to think 9 to 10 inches of snow in january is impressive, let alone here in mid-october. the problem has been the trees still have leaves on them, so a lot of trees and limbs came down, knocking out power. at one point yesterday, over 10,000 customers here in center county without power. now that's down to about 4,200, still 7% of residents in center county. alba albany, hartford getting snowfall yesterday. more snow on the ridgetops and throughout the day today. this is homecoming weekend at penn state. and bad news for tailgaters. they have canceled tailgating.
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can you believe it? they've shut down 20,000 parking spaces out on the field. it will be interesting to see where everybody hangs out before kickoff with minnesota. likely to be the coldest homecoming football game on record. down in miami where yesterday they set a record october stretch of 12 days in a row above 90 degrees. by monday morning in the 50s. tampa drops into the 40s by monday morning. back to you, amy, from snowy state college. >> wow. those are some impressive pictures. mike seidel, thanks much. the big question is how long is this winter chill actually going to last? >> it just ain't right. that's what i want to say. it just isn't right. let's get the nor'easter forecast from meteorologist bill karins. >> good morning. one october storm like this, that's rare, but we can accept that. this is going to be o in one week. the first one, that's gone. the second one, now forming. we already have winter weather advisories up for more snow where mike was located in state college.
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from there along interstate 80, like the last storm, into the poconos and northwest jersey, more snow later tonight into tomorrow morning. flood concerns. as the storm forms, northeast winds pick up. it's a chilly morning and will get worse later today. the radar, it is ugly from philadelphia, especially into baltimore and washington, d.c. it is a cold rain. windchill in the low 30s now with heavy rain through the chesapeake bay. that will move up into new england tonight and be with us all day tomorrow, too, guys. this storm will end, lester, by the time we go back to work on monday. >> perfect. all right, bill, thanks much. we'll see you back here for the rest of the nation's weather this a minute but we first want to talk about the swine flu. on friday the cdc released alarming new numbers about the spread of the deadly impact of the virus. u.s. health officials warn about significant delays in the promised h1n1 vaccine. nbc's chief science correspondent robert bozell has
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more. >> reporter: 86 children in the u.s. have now died from swine flu. >> these are sobering statistics and, unfortunately, they are likely to increase. >> reporter: there have been well-publicized vaccinations against swine flu, mostly for health workers. the cdc announced because of production problems, there will be 10 to 12 million fewer vaccine doses, available by the end of the moh, than had been promised. >> we still expect to have a large number of doses we've been talking about so eventually anyone who wants to be vaccinated will be able to be vaccinated, but the next couple weeks will continue to be a slow start. >> reporter: experts say the government should be careful not to make too many promises when it comes to delivery of vaccine. >> we're beginning to see that the optimistic estimates of what would be available are not coming true as we'd hoped they would. >> reporter: the latest statistics show how far and fast the virus is spreading.
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41 states report widespread outbreaks and visit to doctors for flu-like symptoms have shot up, record levels for this time of the year. vast majority of cases are mild or moderate. >> lebron james -- >> reporter: cleveland cavaliers star lebron james has returned to workout for a bout of what doctors believe to be swine flu. two other team members were infected. james said he was glad it struck before the regular season. >> if it's going to happen now, you know, this is the best time. >> say cheese. >> rorter: in miami, cameron's case shows how bad the virus can be. she spent three months in the hospital, leaving just in time for her ninth birthday. >> i remember one morning waking up and having -- feeling very hot and barely could keep my eyes open. >> reporter: the world health organization has warned that in some rare cases like cameron's, the virus can penetrate deeply into the lungs, causing bad disease quickly. >> for that reason the world
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health organization recommends doctors give patients tamiflu or some other antiviral drug as early as possible in the course of the disease because those drugs work far better if given earlier. for "today," nbc news, new york. >> and we're coming up on 15 minutes past the hour. time for a look at the morning headlines. >> for that we turn to lynn berry at the news desk. >> good morning to all of you. we begin in pakistan where a major ground offense is taking place this morning. more than 30,000 pakistani troops are in a full-scale attack along the afghan border. the u.s. is assisting by sending night vision goggles and other equipment to the region. in recent week militant attacks have killed 175,000 people in pakistan. one of the richest men in america was arrested for insider trading. prosecutors say he and along with five others ran the biggest insider trading scheme involving a hedge fund. it allegedly generated more than
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$25 million in illegal profits. a florida judge decided friday not to throw out the most serious charges against casey anthony. defense attorneys for casey anthony had argued that first-degree murder charges should be dropped because of, quote, circumstantial and speculative evidence. anthony is accused of killing her 2-year-old daughter, caylee. in utah, a state hospital has determined that the woman charged in the 2002 kidnapping of elizabeth smart is competent to stand trial. she's been receiving court-ordered psychiatric treatment for more than a year. the woman and her estranged husband are charged with kidnapping 14-year-old elizabeth smart from her home in salt lake city. and the ongoing feud between conan o'brien and newark's mayor is finally over. corey booker appeared as a guest on "the tonight show" and he told conan he's a big fan. they buried the hatchet. o'brien called it the most expensive joke ever told, making
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$100,000 donation to mayor beeshg's newark now charity. finally, get this, police in colorado responding to reports of a car break-in and burglary in progress. were prepared for the worst. but they were not prepared for this. somehow a bear managed to break into the car, but could not get out. it looks like the bear was as surprised to see the deputies as the deputies were to see the bear. it ended with police opening the passenger door and the bear just darting off. how's that for a deer in headlights, or bear in headlights? >> i wonder which police officer -- no, you open the door. no, you open the door. >> he did drop the picnic basket, though. >> thank you. as promised, bill karins back with a check of our forecast. >> have you realized ever since we opened the ice rink it feels like winter around here. i haven't proved it signtivicly yet. >> good theory. >> winter in place from the mid-atlantic to northeast and our friends in the northwest will get winter weather and rain
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during the weekend also. that's a quick look at your national forecast. here's a look at the weather outside your window. these temperatures, as lester sa, just ain't right. 52 degrees in atlanta. that's the high today. should be normally in the low 70s. even florida for the first time is getting a big cooloff. temperatures in the 70s compared to 90s the last couple of days. when the east is really cold, typically the west is really warm. phoenix should hit a record high today of 100 degrees. still feeling like the middle of summer in the deserts. that's your weekend forecast. >> bill, thanks. anna nicole smith is back in the news this week three years after she decide of a prescription drug overdose. two of her doctors and former companion are accused of conspireing to provide the supermodel with drugs. they have all pleaded not guilty. on friday, larry birkhead, the father of anna nicole's daughter, took the stand. we have all the latest. >> reporter: a week of court,
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slowly developed a picture of anna nicole smith the world did not see, because she wanted it that way. a young woman, in her 30s, who suffered from chronic back pain, migraines, arm injuries, hand swelling, restless leg syndrome, and frequent seizures. in fact, on the stand the father of her child, larry birkhead, said in this infamous america music awards appearance in 2004 that she had had a severe seizure less than 24 hours before and was on medication for it. he said, anna insisted on going. and that it was anna who insisted on everything she did. whether taking meds, calling the shots, even that anna nicole liked to pretend she was a baby. she'd drink from baby bottles. actually liked the taste of baby food. and would often have i as a snack before bed along with a baby bottle full of milk. in some case the prosecution witnesses helped the defense,
7:20 am
saying it was anna who seemed to take too much of the drugs she was prescribed for pain. saying that her doctor, accused of overprescribing, was actually worried she would overdose, would take pills away from her by the handful, and substitute placebos. also, witnesses testified that, yes, they saw her come pain on, howard k. stern, white house charged as an enabler, help her with her medication sometimes, but she asked him to. that she was in charge, even manipulativ manipulative. >> she was a strong-willed individual. she believed she needed the medication in order to live. a fruitful life. the doctors believed she needed the medication in order to maintain her pain. so howard is there saying, the doctors say she needs it. anna says, she needs it. i'm going to back the doctors. i'm going to back anna. >> reporter: prosecutors claim they used fake names to prescribe doses described as outrageously high.
7:21 am
they accuse stern of helping her. the question is, were they, as they insist, just trying to help her or was that criminal? especially after the death of her son. as her body guard testified for the prosecution now, she was depressed until the day she passed away. she died of a broken heart. for "today," michele kozinski, nbc news, los angeles. larry birkhead is scheduled to continue his testimony on monday. now once again, here's amy. >> lester, thank you. now to a rematch of sorts between two heavyweight boxers. for the first time since their infaus fight 12 years ago, mike tyson and evander holyfield squared off again. this time the referee was oprah. >> reporter: the last time boxers holyfield and mike tyson met on live tv, things didn't turn out so well. they're 1987 world title fight abruptly ended when tyson was
7:22 am
disqualified for biting off part of holyfield's right ear. >> are you still missing part of your ear? >> just a little bit. >> reporter: in an earlier interview with tyson said the two men haven't spoken at length since that fight. >> he seems a little leery of me, you know. >> reporter: this time it was all forgive and forget. >> the most important thing is it was for me to forgive, and i forgave him. >> i just want to know, it's been a pleasure passing through life, being acquainted with you. >> okay. >> reporter: during one-on-one interview, tyson was brutally honest about his history of drug abuse and violence against women, including a 1992 rape conviction. >> where i've came from, i thought that was cool, some chick got in your way, to give her a smack. >> reporter: with raw emotion he said his life had gone terribly wrong. >> you hold it in so long because you don't know what to do. my first response is violence.
7:23 am
so i do that real well. >> reporter: a man wrestling with inner demons in a public way and struggling to change his life. >> i don't know. >> reporter: for "today," john yang, nbc news, chicago. still to come, the young boy who asked president obama why do people hate you? we'll find out why he asked that question when we talk to him live. first, this is "today" on nbc news.
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still to come on "today," the calendar may say october but the holiday shopping season has already started. we'll find out why and show you how the hot gifts that already flying off store shelves. a baby kangaro
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if you don't have to go outside, don't. take a look here at this live camera. you can see all the clouds and you can see the rain on the camera. it is a wet, ugly day. meteorologist chuck bell will have the forecast coming up. for now, 44 degrees. 7:26. good morning. i'm keith garvin. saturday, october 17th. sheer a look at what's making news. plea deal may be in the works for a top staffer accused of accepting bribes. he tells "the washington post" he is reviewing a deal federal prosecutors are offering his client. it is not clear what the terms of that deal are.
7:27 am
loza is jim graham's chief of staff. the police are looking for the second guy that tried toob an armored car. the police responded to shots being fired at the truck in beltsville. when they arrived sxlis the suspects shot at each other. the suspects drove away. hot lanes have been a hot top nick virginia. the alexandria city council will hold a public hearing on the project this morning at 9:30. the virginia department of transportation proposing to expand move lanes on i-95 and 395. opponents have concerns about emergency response and the environment. chuck will join news just a moment with a look at the weekend forecast.
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this looks like a day for indoor projects. >> absolutely right. we have been joke being it all day long. good day to read your favorite book. meaning "war & peace." or any other very long russian author's work. outside now, cloudy skies. and soggy out there. temperatures are stuck in the mid 40s now. pretty much that's where we are going to be all day long today. 100% chance of rain today. with a gusty north wind. tomorrow only a 70% chance of rain on your sunday. most of that rain will be in the first half of the day tomorrow. we might even see one two lonely slivers of sunshine late in the day tomorrow. sunshine for real does make a comeback as we head towards monday and tuesday. most of your weekend is going to
7:30 am
be wet and windy and it is going to be cold with temperatures in the 40s. make the most of it. >> all right. thank you, chuck. coming up at 9:00 a.m., police officers on a roof. live report plus theest of the day's news at 9:00. we're back on this saturday morning, october 17, 2009. some pretty brave folks gathered out on the plaza on a fall day that feels a lot like winter. we thank them for coming out. inside studio 1a i'm amy robach along with lester holt. coming up, it's not just the unseasonable chill that has people thiing about christmas. believe it or not, you may see
7:31 am
christmas trees, holiday shopping, starting pretty early. >> i checked my calendar it's still only mid-october but the stalz have, in fact, started and lots of people are reportedly planning to take advantage of them. retailers are hoping they take advantage of them before halloween. if you're an early shopper, we'll tell you which gifts may be selling out, as well as some shopping strategies you can use to get the best deals. >> we're talking about selling out already in october? >> i can't even wrap my head it. we'll meet skippy, a baby kangaroo. he had a rough beginning after he was abandoned by his mother. thanks to one very dedicated woman, skippy has beaten odds and is growing up to be a very healthy, young kangaroo. we'll meet skippy and his adoptive mother live coming up. >> that's a whole lot of cute. first, we begin this half hour with a little boy who had a big question for president obama. it happened in a town hall meeting in new orleans on thuray. the president had time for one more question, so he called on a
7:32 am
fourth grader named tyren scott and here's what he asked. >> yes, sir. > i have to say, why do peop hate you? and why -- they're supposed to love you and god is love. >> that's what i'm talking about. >> well, the president's answered, to paraphrase it, cricism is all part of the job. tyren joins us along with his mom and dad from their home in paulina, louisiana. thank you for coming on. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> lisa, let me begin with you. we should set this up by saying that you were in a vip area seated near governor jindal and senator landreau. what was your reaction when tyren got up to ask a question, or when he was called on to ask a question? >> first, when president obama came out, tyren left me and went
7:33 am
closer. and he was in front of governor jindal. and the secret service let him stay there and told him to kneel down. so he didn't come back by me. so when president obama called on tyren to ask a question, i was very nervous. i didn't know what i was going to say. >> were you nervous about what he was going to say? >> yeah, because a child can say anything at any time. so i didn't -- i couldn't prep him. i couldn't say anything. so i was very nervous. >> well, describe tyren's personality for us. >> tyren is a giving, loving, caring person. as a matter of fact, about two weeks ago his teacher sent a certificate home for being so helpful. he's a -- that's his personality. that's tyren. >> let me turn to tyren. first of all, thanks for getting up early for us. that was a pretty brave act to get up and ask the president a question, and it was an interesting question, why do
7:34 am
people hate you? why did you ask that question? >> because people at my school and other neighborhoods and other schools talk about obama ugly. and that's wrong to talk about your own president. >> did the president's answer help you understand how he is viewed and how he feels about criticism? >> yes, sir. >> now, tell me, when you got up to ask the question, did you know what was going to come out of your mouth? how nervous were you talking to the perfect the united states? >> i didn't get nervous because the only thing i get nervous when i'm scared. >> yeah. >> and when i met the president, when i met the president, that's my first time meeting him. >> yeah. lisa, let me turn back to you. you said you were nervous when he got up because you didn't know what was going to come out of his mouth.
7:35 am
when you heard that question, why do people hate you, what was your thought? >> well, tyren, one thing you need to know, when president obama first announced his candidacy, i was a fan. and from -- it's been about, what, 2 1/2 years, so he's heard everything from the good to the bad to the ugly. and he's politically astute. he's a good student in school. and he's a christian -- we've raised him in a christian home, so that didn't surprise me. anybody that knows tyren would expect something like that from him. >> is this -- and before i -- >> and it hurts me -- >> before i let you go, i judge have to ask, is this something -- an issue you would specifically discuss with him as a family? >> no, never discussed it with him. never discussed a question for the president. once i did, once i got those tickets, i just wanted to make
7:36 am
sure we got there and i took him out of school. but never discussed the question. and it pains me -- and i pray for president obama all the time because i don't know how he can deal with criticism the way some people say it may have been staged. i read on blogs. god in heaven knows it wasn't staged. as a matter of fact, governor jindal was talking to tyren during the town hall meeting and he asked him what question he wanted to ask. >> we have to end there. i'm sure you're proud of tyren standing up and asking a question to the president of the united states. we appreciate you spending time with us this morning. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> a brave little guy. >> he was. he said what was from his heart, so you cld tell, it was one of those honest moments. that's what captured the attention of so many people. >> i think the president was a little taken aback but he went into it and his answer, i think we all understand, it comes with the territory. >> it does. >> you let's get a check of the weather from nbc meteorologist bill karins.
7:37 am
big story. >> as advertised, chilly on the plaza. sometimes people go above and beyond. who did this? >> i painted it. >> are you an artist? >> yeah -- kind of. >> who are the cougars? >> virginia. it's a little county, augusta county. >> this is beautiful. we'll put those in one of the museums up the road. >> okay. >> let's take a look at what we're dealing with. as a matter fact the forecast, it is cold,mkir,,ic,mk good saturday morning. meteorologist chuck bell outside of nearly every window this morning a cloudy sky and a raindrop, unfortunately. and this is the way it is going to stay for most of your weekend. temperatures are in the mid 40s right now. 44 in washington. 43 degrees right now in leesburg and falls church. 43 in massas. 42 degrees in damascus. temperatures will stay in the 40s with the rain showers most of the day along today and unfortunately most of the day tomorrow, too. looks cloudy, cold and wet.f, i.
7:38 am
90 today in vegas. nobody will top phoenix. it's supposed to be 100 degrees. this says these are the brilliant children. are you brilliant? >> uh-huh. >> yes, you are. your hour by hour forecast over the weekend you can get a lester? >> bill, thanks very much. still to come on "today," we'll help you get a jump on your holiday shopping. did iay that? i sure did. holiday shopping with some of the top-selling gift and some shopping strategies you can use to save money. first, these messages. lurking, waiting to strike. a heart attack caused by a clot, one that could be fatal. plavix, taken with other heart medicines goes beyond what other heart medicines do alone to provide greater protection against heart attack or stroke and even death by helping to keep blood platelets from sticking together and forming clots. ask your doctor about plavix, prottion that helps save lives. (female announcer) if you have stomach ulcer or other condition that causes bleeding, you should not use plavix.
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taking plavix alone or with some other medicines including aspirin, tell your doctor before planning surgery or taking aspirin or other medicines with plavix, especially if you've had a stroke. some medicines that are used to treat heartburn may affect how plavix works, tell your doctor if you are taking other medicines. if fever, unexplained weakness or confusion develops, tell yr doctor promptly. a rare but potentially life-threatening condition reported sometimes less than two weeks after starting plavix. other rare but serious side effects may occur. (male announcer) if you take plavix with other heart medicines continuing to do so will help increase protection against a future heart attack or stroke. feeling better doesn't mean not at risk. stay with plavix. sometimes, the little things in life feel like our biggest enemies. they can be damaged... they can be stolen. happily, your recent purchases with the american express charge card can be repaired.
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replaced. or your account can be credited. can your card say that? what, no christmas music? this morning on "today's consumer" christmas in october, believe it or not the holiday shopping season is under way. according to the national retail federation, 40% of consumers are expected to start their holiday shopping before halloween. here to show off the hottest holiday trends and to help you with your shopping game plan is regina lewis, consumer adviser for aol. we're both donning christmas gifts. we'll get to that in a second. it is surprising to be talking about holiday shopping already. is it that stores are starting
7:41 am
to display things earlier or are people really thinking about getting deals and getting ahead of the shopping? >> it's called christmas creeping, as in creeping up on the calendar. retailers are trying to get a handle in a very uncertain market, feeling for two things, people who have to plan their holiday shopping and impulse shoppers. >> you are here to help us, i guess, navigate what's out there, what might be a good bargain for now. there are some sales to take advantage of. the first one you're saying consumers have more payment options. >> absolutely. you have to think creatively. layaway was big last year. available for the first time online at, we're standing in front of a prelit tree. you set up an eight-week contract, 20% up front, pay over time and no credit card bills over time. rethink currency. it doesn't have to be cash. are you sitting on gift cards you could sell online? do you have airline miles you can use? are you part of visa, amex,
7:42 am
discover card, they have incentive programs. find out what kind of currency you're using. >> also this year consumers are worried about costs. we talked about that. will there be less sticker shock? >> prices are coming down. faux first,eiman marcus, what you have on, $400. interesting price point, mine $40 from kohl's. fur is big. and walmart will offer 100 toys at $10 price point. >> that's good for parents. does that mean there will be lots of sales with deep cuts? will people want to wait until the very end? >> i don't think you can wait. people are familiar with their credit card spending being cut, meaning, here's your new limit, rates are higher. same thing happened for retailers so they didn't get to bueverything under the sun. their bank said, you can't order that much.
7:43 am
when they sell out, they can't go to the back room and restock so i wouldn't wait. i would make you have a coupon. there's a site called if i'm a retail i want to give you the best price you need to buy but no lower. so you have to be proceed active to get the coupons. >> what about homemade gifts? >> etsy, very affordable. and then a site called olidash if you want to make it yourself, really practical things. when kids say, mom, tomorrow's the secret santa exchange at school. >> and there are hot items out there for kids and grown-up kids as well. what are the big ideas? >> kindle, sony e-reader. zoo zoo pets, robotic hamster. >> i like that. >> and it mimics the actual -- look. it's doing its thing in its little house, being bit up on
7:44 am
amazon four times the initial cost. this is the example of going, going, gone. >> lester is sampling -- i said grownup kids, right there. >> beatles rock band. one of my personal favorites. clearly we can see why this is around. >> they're trying to get me to sing, but it's not going to happen. see, i'm not doing it. regina lewis, thanks so much. and the hamster pops out. speaking of animals, we'll have the real deal. up next, meet skippy the kangaroo who got a leg up on life thanks to a special adoptive mom. we'll met them after these messages as lester rocks on. (announcer) we call it the american renewal. because we believe in creating cleaner energy that creates new jobs. being the number one manufacturer of wind turbines in america. and developing lower emission, fuel-efficient aircraft engines.
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the american renewal is happening. even during times like these, there is a light beginning to shine again. it comes from a restaurant downtown. a shop on main street. a factory around the corner. entrepreneurs like these are the most powerful force in the economy. the reinvention of business begins with them. and while we're sure we don't know all the answers, we do know one thing for certain: we want to help. come see what the beginning looks like at now to an unusual mother/son relationship between a woman and a kangaroo. here's their story.
7:47 am
>> reporter: it's pretty easy to see christina cooper and adopted baby kangaroo skippy share a special relationship. it started five months ago when skippy's mother abandoned the joey at the wildlife habitat in louisiana. weighing only a pound with no fur or mom to keep out the cold, skippy desperately needed help. >> the chance for his survival was very slim. it was very touch and go in the beginning. >> reporter: cooper and her coworkers rescued skippy but it was cooper who spent countless hours feeding and keeping him warm. >> great job! >> reporter: all those hours also allowed cooper to see skippy's first steps. now look at him. >> fortunately, skippy's a little fighter. he's never given up. i've never given up on him. >> reporter: his home is home to 4,000 other animals. the philosophy here is, the creatures roam free and the people stay in their place.
7:48 am
and that place is on the tour wagon where families can mingle with locals, like giraffes. >> did you get a chance to pet him? >> he's so soft. >> even when he' 6 feet tall and 200 pounds, he'll be trying to give me hugs. >> reporter: no matter how big he gets, cooper says skippy will always be her little boy. for "today," nbc news, folsom, louisiana. >> we're happy to have skippy along with christina cooper joining us from the global wildlife center in folsom, louisiana. thanks for joining us. >> good morning. thanks for having us. we're so exciteded to be here. >> we're excited to have you on. i'm curious, when you found skippy, what made you think that you'd be able to successfully raise him? >> well, you know, it was very touch and go in the beginning. fortunately, i found an expert in australia, miss linda saker, and she helped me every step of the way. i took one look in these big, brown eyes and i thought, i'm
7:49 am
going to make sure he makes it. >> give us an idea how small he was in the beginning. >> you know, skippy was only about a pound in the beginning. he's very excited this morning. he's only a pound in the beginning. his head was about as big as my thumb. >> when you started taking care of him, did you realize how much was involved? because i have read the account of what your life was like in those early months. you never slept, did you? >> you know, it was very exciting. it was a very exciting time for us. i had to feed him every three hours. also, what was really unique about skippy is when we found him, he didn't have any fur at all. which meant that he was unable to therma regulate. so until we got our incue baiter set up, i wore him on my stomach to make sure he stayed nice and warm. yes, we bonded very well from the beginning. >> just watching the video of skippy taking his first steps, or hops, and i'm -- obviously being a parnlt ent of children,
7:50 am
know what that's like. what is it like to watch your kangaroo take his first steps? >> it was such an exciting time, to see him grow and change. and every little milestone we celebrated every day. when heirst took those first wobbly steps. i couldn't believe it. my heart was in my chest. when he jumped into my arms at the end, his heart was beating so fast. it wasuch an amazing moment. it was a moment i had hoped would come but i wasn't sure. i prayed about it every day. thanully he's doing great. he's really thriving. >> i know you're approaching that point where you're going to ve to release skip back into the habitat. are you prepared for that separation? and will you still have some sort of relationship? >> i have been told that even at 6 feet tall and 200 pounds he's going to be giving me hugs and kisses. i do have about six months. kangaroos are weaned at 15 months of age so i have six months. hopefully by that time both of us will be ready. but i think he'll always be
7:51 am
giving me kisses. >> he's a real cutie. i didn't realize they got that big, 6 feet. good luck with those hugs, okay. >> thank you so much. come out and see us at global wildlife soon. >> we hope to. first, this is "today" on nbc.
7:52 am
7:53 am
still to come on "today," as san francisco remembers the earthquake that killed dozens 20 years ago today, experts watch and worry about the next big quake. plus, a pilot crash lands in the alaskans wilderness and makes it out alive. of all the things made just for women,
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if you haven't stepped outside yet you may want to delay the journey. take a look here. live look at the washington monument. 14th street bridge. barely -- hardly see tlitd because of all the rain. meteorologist chuck bell is going to have your forecast in just a bit. for now, 44 degrees. 7:56. good morning. i'm keith garvin on this saturday, october 17th. a look at what's making news this morning. prince george's county police officer is recovering after being dragged by a car driven by two shoplifting suspects. the officer was working as a
7:57 am
part-time security guard. they say he tried to stop two women he believed had shoplifted but his arm got stuck in the window of their car. he wound up shooting them. the focus remains on northern virginia and race for governor. today candidate creigh deeds will continue his campaign in falls church and annandale. he will join governor tim kaine and volunteers for a canvas kickoff event to get out to vote. mcdonnell will be campaigning with senator john mccain this morning. they will be at a veterans for
7:58 am
7:59 am
wet out there good we cannot say that at all. cloudy skies and rain showers continue to move across washington area on your saturday morning. and they are going to be here most of your saturday afternoon as well. get the umbrella and as rain coats ready to go. if have you outdoor plans today, i suggest a slicker. if you are heading out there, no doubt a wet day today. 44 right now at national airport. 46 in annapolis. 45 in southern maryland. 39 in martinsburg right now. cold, wet, and breezy today. winds out of the north at 15 to 25 miles per hour. that's an ugly day for certain. temperatures will stay in the 40s today and drop into the upper therts to near 40 are tonight and stay in the 40s again tomorrow.
8:00 am
but tomorrow, it is only a 70% chance of rain. instead of the 100% chance we have for today. keith? >> is that all? okay. >> that's. >> it sounds good. coming up at 9:00 a.m., police officers on a roof. live report to explain. the rest of the day's news starting at 9:00 a.m. for no good morning. investigation. authorities take a second look at the frantic family who said their son was on board a runaway balloon. >> so we are sure that is he in that? >> yeah. we looked everywhere. >> now as authorities reopen the case, the family's father says he has a big announcement to make. christmas in october. parts of the country are waking up to an october surprise with some of the earliest snowfalls ever recorded. and there is more winter weather on the way.
8:01 am
and true grit. a pilot escapes the burning wreckage of his plane. after two days alone in the alaskan wilderness, makes it out alive. his amazing survival story "today," october 17, 2009. good morning, everyone. welcome back to "today." i'm lester holt. >> i'm amy robach. as promised the story we said probably wasn't over isn't over. we just got word the father of the so-called balloon boy will make a big announcement. he came out and greeted the media camped out of his hand. >> he addressed reporters about an hour ago. that word comes as authorities take a second look at the heene family later today. first, as it seemed all was well when it turned out young falcon heene was never on that balloon but was hiding inside the family
8:02 am
home. wooet we'll get the latest on the developing story and why authorities want to take another look at all this coming up. disturbing new numbers this morning about swine flu. the virus is spreading quickly and more children are now dying from it. last week alone, 11 children succumbed to the h1n1 virus. now there is an urgent question, where is all the vaccine? we'll tell you about the delays in getting that vaccine to children in just a few moments. 20 years ago today a powerful earthquake rocked the san francisco bay area. striking just before game three of the world series there. two decades later, i took a trip back to the bay area and spoke to survivors about that harrowing day as well as experts whare bracing and preparing for the next big quake. where do they expect it will hit? we'll find out coming up. first, new developments in the story of the so-called balloon boy. colorado officials are planning to reopen an investigation today into that family who reported their 6-year-old son had stowed away inside a runaway balloon. now, as the family prepares to face new questions, the father
8:03 am
has said he's coming forward with a big announcement. lee cowan is live in ft. collins, colorado, with all the latest. lee, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, amy. just when you think this story couldn't get more odd, it is the wee hours in the morning in colorado time and richard heene came out a short time ago to tell everyone here at the media that he was going to have a big announcement later on today. he wouldn't say what that was. if that was not enough, his wife was videotaping the entire conversation that he was having with us. all of this comes on the same day sheriff's deputies are expected to come back here again to interview the family, to try and answer once and for all, whether this whole thing was, indeed, a hoax. the sheriff has said repeatedly he has no reason to doubt the family's sincerity. for one reason he point to the way they handled themselves during that 911 call. take a listen. >> it was an experimental plane? >> it is a flying saucer. >> it's a flying saucer? >> yes. >> so we are sure that he's in
8:04 am
that? >> yeah. we looked everywhere. >> reporter: now, again, the sheriff says they're either great actors or they really did believe their son was on board that balloon. again, the richard heene says he'll have some sort of big announcement today, despite the fact he has a sign on his door saying he's not doing any more interviews. apparently, seems like he's changed his mind. >> nbc's lee cowan. thank you. as lee just reported, authorities are hoping to talk to the heenes today. joining us is major justin smith of the larimer county sheriff's department. good morning. >> good morning, amy. >> i have to ask, just in case you might have any insight, as to what this big announcement we're apparently going to hear from the father in this case in just a short while? >> you know, we're completely in the dark as to what that announcement might be. it's as big surprise to us. it's a wait and see. >> well, that's certainly been the case. obviously you know about the speculation surrounding this family, now that this could have been a hoax, the family
8:05 am
concocted this for publicity, and that really started after the family appeared on cnn thursday night. let's take a short -- a listen to a short clip of what we heard from young falcon. then i'll get your reaction. >> falcon, did you hear us calling your name at any time? >> uh-huh. >> did you? >> you did? >> why didn't you come out? >> you guys said that we did this for the show. >> major smith, from a law enforcement perspective, if you had heard that from falcon during, say, a police interview, would you follow up on that and what would be your concerns? >> absolutely. that statement raised our curiosity as well. it was not consistent with the things we had heard and seen to that point. obviously, it was a lot of very raw information originally. but it ctainly piqued our curiosity and make sure we got
8:06 am
all the of pieces of the puzzle put together so we could answer the questions as to what did happen here on thursday. >> will that be part of what authorities will talk to the heene family today about speckically? . >> well, obviously, we just want to find out the specific details of what happened. after the original incident when things moved very quickly, it was time for us to slow down and make sure we got the full, accurate answers as to what happened that day. when the ballo was in the air, obviously, things were working quickly and we were focused on making sure we could safely get a child back. >> sure. i mean, the focus was on a rescue effort. now the questions have started to swirl as to whether this, indeed -- this child was truly in need of a rescue or did their parents believe the son was at rick. i understand your office contacted the child protective agency. what prompted you to make this move to make that call? >> actually, i'm not sure if we made the contact. i'm just aware there has been communication, which goes on on a daily basis between the
8:07 am
sheriff's office and child protection. it's my understanding that just the basic nature of the story, the ongoing questions about the heene family had brought child protection to ask a few questions as to the safety of the household. so i know there was a contact from that nature. the specifics of it i'm not sure about. >> right. major smith, obviously this is a family that appears to love the spotlight. they've been on reality tv in the past. they have a rap video out on youtube. they did all of the interviews with the major television stations that evening and then again in the morning. none of which is criminal, by any means, but based on your experience in law enforcement, is that something that would draw a red flag given the situation that unfolded on thursday? >> you know, the thing i would point out is we started with a report of a flying saucer with a child on it, so nothing's been normal about this situation. our job is to look at the heene family, measure them based on who they are, not what public expectations are. so we're trying to get to know them a little bit more, so we
8:08 am
would know what would be normal activity and behavior for the family. >> major smith, we appreciate you spending time with us this morning. thanks so much. >> thank you. and now here's lester. >> amy, thanks. in many of the northeast this morning it feels more like winter than fall after back-to-back brutal autumn storms caused temperatures to drop and up to 9 inches of snow to fall in some parts of the country. the weather channel's mike seidel is live for us in one of the hardest hit areas, state college, pennsylvania. mike, good morning. >> reporter: hey, good morning, lester. it's hard to believe it's only mid-october. we've had record-setting snow for the month, the earliest we've seen measurable snowfall. you mentioned 9 inches. it's been snowing every hour since thursday afternoon. the leaves are still on the trees so the issue has been, heavy, wet snow collecting on the leaves, trees come down. allegheny power has still 7% of the customers without power.
8:09 am
let me take you up to the point of mt. nittany, 1800 feet where we measured 9 inches of snow. temperatures around 30. roads shut down because power lines and trees were down. in burlington, connecticut, we saw snowflakes, snow on the pumpkins, on the mums, come on, and snowplows. who wants to see a snowplow in october? the real problem today in happy valley, it's homecoming for penn state. they have canceled tailgating, lester, so that has wiped out 20,000 parking spaces. the ground's not frozen, just a muddy mess. if they bring tse vehicles in there. so we're all wondering how they're going to get everybody in. they'll have shuttles. 20,000 parking spaces out the window. no tailgating, even on lots that are paved, so i imagine it's going to be a festive atmosphere on college avenue at penn state. kickoff at 3:30. it's going to be the coldest game kickoff temperature in the history of the nittany lions.
8:10 am
>> pretty scene behind you if it was december. so how long is this wintry mess going to last? let's turn to nbc meteorologist bill karins for answers. >> this storm is so unusual because it's going to last so long. we already had one nor'easter. the cold air is locked in place and the next one is forming already. the windchills are ridiculous. it's 27 in boston. we have areas as far south as pittsburgh with a windchill of 30. also the rain, the cold october rain has already broken out along the chesapeake bay and delmarva. washington, d.c., boston, philadelphia, that's the worst of it. the rain will be tonight into tomorrow morning. we'll watch areas like new york city and southern new england getting into the mix of this. but that will occur later tonight and then all day sunday. i'm bad news bill today. not much good out of me. >> we'll give you another shot because we'll be back with the nation's forecast, so work on that. >> maybe miami's warm, right?
8:11 am
let's get a check of the rest of the morning headlines with lynn berry at the news desk. >> good morning. good morning to all of you. we begin with alarming developments involving the swine flu. the government is warning that the vaccine for h1n1 will be in short supply this month because of manufacturing delays. meanwhile, the cdc says 11 more children have died this past week because of the swine flu. a total of 40 children have died of h1n1 virus in october. and an incredible survival story in alaska this morning where a pilot walked 20 miles for hp after being injured in a plane crash. the pilot, 35-year-old daniel mcgregor suffered burns to his hands and face but is said to be recovering and it's all thanks to the hikers who saved him. >> we had no knowledge of any plane crash. we had no idea what was going on. my first thought was maybe he got attacked by an animal or something by the way he looked. >> that crash occurred in denali national park. the other person on board the
8:12 am
plane, a 67-year-old biologist, did die in the crash. well, louisiana governor bobby jindal is calling for the removal of a justice of the peace who refused to marry an interracial couple. he would not issue a license to the couple because he was worried about the children's futures. beth and terrence did finally get married, and are now looking into possible legal action. and the book wars are heating up. many popular hard cover titles are selling for only 9 bucks. the steep discounts began when walmart lowered prices on popular books and amazon quickly matched. it is good news for consumers, but not so much for book sellers who say they can't match those prices without losing money. so if you're wondering what dolphins do to kill a little time? appears they play football and jelly fish are the ball. biologists captured this incredible video off the english coast. these bottle-nosed dolphins
8:13 am
tossed the jelly fish some six feet in the air. that's not a very fair match-up, i don't think. that's the news. >> jelly fish can sting. they had to get rid of the ball fast, right? >> on the video replay it was no good after all. the ball didn't -- the jelly fish didn't cross the plane. nbc meteorologist bill karins, we promised we'd give you a second shot to give us a good forecast. take it away. >> the pressure is on. of course, we have a beautiful crowd back here today. as far as the good weather goes, we already talked about the bad stuff in the east, but the west, the west has been hot, very warm in the desert southwest. we could see record highs in phoenix today with 100 degrees possible. we're going to be sunny and warm through texas. we're going to be sunny and not bad, seasonable, up through the northern plains. leaves are hitting tdadaicmdaibc good saturday morning. meteorologist chuck bell. outside of our windows this morning, it is a cloudy day. and chilly day as well.
8:14 am
a check of doppler. over the last several hours, light to moderate rain showers continuing to move into the washington area. pretty much wet around the capital beltway. up to 70 through frederick county, montgomery county. maryland. also running up towards carroll county. litprinkles towards the west and blue ridge. temperatures in the 40s right now. that's where we will stay for d. chances of thunderstorms down in the deep south. now, are you 13 today. happy birthday. how do you -- is this you over here, the baby picture? >> yes. >> how do you feel about that? >> good. >> you're cute, you're cute. you're still looking good. let's toss it inside to lester and amy. >> thanks so much. coming up next, it's been 20 years since the world series earthquake that rocked san francisco. >> when and where will the next big one strike? i'll take you back to the bay area and tt frightful day after these messages. ♪ mmm, minty. mindy? wow.
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50,000 voters. one brilliant winner. 20 years today, october 17, 1989, was a warm, sunny fall day in san francisco. perfect weather for game three of the world series. but the millions who tuned in for the pregame show on television instead bore witness to disaster. a 6.9 earthquake that shook the entire bay area. it killed 63 people, injured over 3,000 and caused around $6 billion in damage. >> reporter: it was just 15 seconds. but a lifetime for some who survived it. >> lights were falling out of the ceilings, people were running around screaming. >> gas mains were broken. feeding the major fires. >> when i came to, woke up from unconsciousness, i'm looking down at the waters. >> severe major earthquake that struck the san francisco area
8:18 am
some time -- >> reporter: it seemedothing could top what was happening at candlestick park that afternoon. game three of baseball's world series between the san francisco giants and oakland a's was about to start. >> all of a sudden, the first thing i thought was that the people above us in the upper deck, we're in the mezzanine, were pounding bats. >> reporter: al michaels was co-hosting the tv pregame. >> i'll tell you what, we're having an earth -- zooing the word that came out was earth, and you had a little "q" sound and then we got knocked off the air. >> reporter: that world series broadcast not only alerted the world as to what was happening here, is likely saved countless lives because thousands of bay area commuters who normally at 5:00 in the afternoon would be crowding bridges and highways were, instead, safely parked in front of their tv sets watching the game. still, 42 people died when part
8:19 am
of the nimitz freeway in oakland collapsed. part of the bay bridge, part of the upper roadway gave way as bruce was crossing it. >> it was like someone grabbed the end of the bridge a gave it a great big shake. the whole bridge started to drop from underneath me. i remember the last thing that i said is, we're going to die. >> reporter: it would not be his last brush with death. years later, he would find himself in new york on 9/11. inside the world trade center's tower one. >> i was thinking what i had learned from the last disaster was, you know, if you can save somebody, save somebody. but if there's no good reason for you to be there, get away. save urself. >> reporter: in san francisco a new span will replace the existing bay bridge, engineered with the lessons of 1989 in mind. >> in a seismic event things don't move around out in the bay an inch, or fraction of an inch. they move around feet. >> reporter: the 6.9 quake struck along the infamous san
8:20 am
andres fault but that's not the fault that most concern scientists these days. beneath these cracks gwozdecky goes down six miles? in a suburban parking lot government geologist david had warts points to a line of cracks that, in fact, mark the hayward fault up the east bay. >> it hits this wall. over time it actually pulls the wall apart. >> reporter: the last big quake along this fault was in 1968 and scientists say another is due. >> the fact it hasn't moved in 140 years and we think it moves on average about every 10 yea40 years, this is the fault we're worried about. >> reporter: how catastrophic would a quake be here? >> estimates run anywhere between $110 and $220 billion damage. 150%. >> reporter: manmade earthquakes happen regularly in this uc-berkeley lab where researchers are in a race
8:21 am
against time to design structures and bridge supports that can ride out major quakes. >> this research is for the next generation of bridges. the ones that will be built in 10 or 15 years fm now. and that's what we're trying to figure out, if there is another way. >> reporter: even as bay area residents are reminded on this anniversary of the fragile earth below their feet. >> in california, there are earthquakes virtually every day. most you'll never feel. 1.1, 1.2, but they happen all the time. >> he geologists gotten any better of predicting when an earthquake might strike? >> no. you see clusters and you think if it's a precursor for a big one and they say, no, it doesn't work that way. we'll take a break. first, this is "today" on nbc. çóçóçóçñçñçó
8:22 am
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cool, wet, windy out there. not the greatest of combinations to start your weekend. and you are doing need to get used to it. chuck bell will have the forecast in a bit. for now, 44 degrees. good morning. i'm keith garvin this saturday, october 17th, 2009. a look at what's making news this morning, a plea deal may be in the works for d.c. councilman top staffer accused of accepting bribes. ted loza's attorney says "the washington post" he is reviewing a deal the federal prosecutors are reviewing his client. it is not clear what the terms of that deal are. he's councilman jim graham's
8:27 am
chief of staff nchls prince george's county police are looking for the second man who tried to rob an armored car friday afternoon. police say they responded to shots being fired at the truck in beltsville. when they arrived police and the suspect shot at each other. that suspect drove away. hot lanes have been hot topic lately in virginia. this morning the alexandria city council hold a public hearing on the project this morning at 9:30. virginia department of transportation is proposing to expand hot lanes on i-95 and 395. opponents of concerns about emergency response and the environment. your weather is next.
8:28 am
8:29 am
chuck bell joins us with a look at the forecast. >> it is indeed a good time to pick out a favorite book and favorite spot to sit and read it. of course, while watching channel 4 all day. cloudy skies. cold outside as well. temperatures only in the upper 30s towards the panhandle of west virginia to low 40s around town. with the rain showers around we are going to be stuck with the rain pretty much all day long today. temperatures will stay in the 40s today and stay in the 40s again for tomorrow. cloudy, cold and rain will be slowly coming to an end during the second half of the day tomorrow. if you live out towards the shenandoah valley, you might actually get a little break of sunshine late in the day tomorrow. pretty much everybody is socked in with the clouds and rain
8:30 am
today. bundle up i'm going to the shenandoah. >> excellent. coming up, police officers on a roof. we will have a live report to explain. for now, it is back to the "today" show. we are back on this saturday morning, october 17, 2009. we have a hearty crowd waiting in unseasonably chilly morning out here on the plaza. we appreciate everyone stopping by. i'm amy robach along with lester holt. coming up this half hour, we have some quick fixes fm your corner drugstore. >> you can find inexpensive items for everything from beauty issues to home repair. we'll show you some in a few minute. speaking of fixes, we're going to tackle a lot of problem
8:31 am
women experience. i know that you may not know a lot about the subject, that's why i'm going to take this subject. finding the right bra. you may think you know your size, but did you know that a woman's bra size can change up to five times over the course of her life? i think that's pretty depress, actually. coming up, some lucky women from the crowd are going to get a bra makeover this morning. plus, we're going to learn the key questions you need to ask to find that perfect fit. >>efore we get to all that, we've got a couple special guests on the plaza. stars of a brand new show called "white collar" about an unlikely partnership between a con artist and fbi agent. it premieres next week on usa. joining us are the stars, shariff atkins and natalie morales. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> you've heard this all morning, i said, oh, that natalie morales. >> i differe one. >> i asked her why she didn't have a jacket on. it's freezing. >> i know. i know. i didn't bring one. i thought we were going to be inside. sorry. >> you play an fbi agent.
8:32 am
>> yeah. >> you guys are basically working with a con artist because he's got it figured out for you, right? >> that's basically what's happening. matty b., he plays a conman and he shows us the underworld, as it were, you know. >> and, natalie, you played a junior fbi agent. what's it like getting ready for a role like that? >> well, you know, it's easy. >> it's easy? you just know how it works, right? >> no, i mean, do you a little research and try to figure out what quantico is and then you go from there. everybody's really great. it's an easy job. >> in the meantime shareef spent all those years on "er". >> there's a little relief. don't have to pronounce those si si six-sylabel words. >> yeah. >> "white collar" premieres friday, october 23rd at 10:00 p.m. eastern. >> thanks for stopping by.
8:33 am
one last check of the weather from bill karins out on the plaza. >> a little chilly out here. good morning. i think the ladies would be upset if i didn't say hello to the man in the white. who's this you're with? >> i'm by myself. >> the guy in white is surrounded by all the old ladies here. where's your home? >> san antonio, texas. i just want to say hi to my mom and dad and family in houston, texas. >> i'm sure she's proud of you. taking it easy on him, ladies, all right? let's take a look at the weather out there today. we have a lot of active weather. not only in the east but our friends in the northwest are going to be dealing with on and off rain all day from seattle down to portland. your forecast today, we'll continue to watch maybe possibility of up to 1 to 2 inches from seattle southward to portland as we go throughout the next 24 hours ppt rest of the forecast for the country, the rain, the worst from the nor'easter will be in the the mm good saturday morning, everybody. meteorologist chuck bell.
8:34 am
cloudy, wet and cold outside on your saturday. unfortunately. but it has been nice the last couple of weekends. we deserve the rainy one every now and then. temperatures are in the low 40s now around town. 43 in washington. 43 in fairfax, loudoun counties. 42 in montgomery county, maryland. 46 right now in annapolis. our forecast for today, cold, wet, and breezy. temperatures in the 40s. more rain coming up for the was in the country will be found in the desert southwest. record high in phoenix, could be near 100 degrees. well, of course, we have to talk football, sunday night football. big forecast. one of the hardest ones of the year. the indoor games in the dome are difficult to pinpoint. we'll probably see the temps inside just fine. anybody going to the stadium, it will be clear and cool for atlanta. big game, jay cutler come in to face turner. my fantasy football quarterback
8:35 am
there, matt ryan. he better play well. let's talk about what's going to happen. if you want your weather, you can go to, hour by hour all weekend long. now inside to amy. >> i wish i were inside, bill. i'm still outside. coming up next, we're going to be talking about quick fixes from your local drugstore. we're back after these messages. pace yourself.
8:36 am
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answers and advice to help you get well and stay well. walgreens. there's a way to stay well. learn more at (announcer) fact:
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announcer: there's having it done. then there's doing it yourself and saving. it's about sawdust in your boots, paint in your hair and no holes in your wallet. - man: whew! - we've lowered prices throughout the store, giving you all the tools you need and the bragging rights you deserve. more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. save 20 bucks with a new lower price on the kohler forte kitchen faucet. this morning on "today," drugstore fixes. the shelves at your local drugstore are loaded with easy
8:39 am
and inexpensive solutions to common, everyday problems. >> we've put together a panel of experts to give us their favorite drugstore fixes. first up, solutions to problems around your house. before you head off to a home improvement center you may want to check out the corner drugstore. alex is online editor at "this old house" magazine. i've never been compelled to buy eye liner but you may give me a reason. >> the hardware store is closed, you have a scratch in your favorite chair. you could get a wax pencil, but you could also use an eye liner which will do the same thing. yocan fill it in. >> a little scratch there, fill it in. >> fill it in with the eye liner and wipe it off. buff it out. and your scratch is filled. >> powder and blush and you have a beautiful chair. actually, that really worked. >> yeah. >> our next thing is the use for baby oil in terms of poli polishing -- >> soapstone is very popular but it scratches easily because it is soft. you're supposed to condition soapstone with mineral oil.
8:40 am
baby oil is actually mineral oil with a little fragrance in it. so you can -- >> so it will smell good. >> yeah. you can put that on and look how it makes the scratches disappear. >> the stone would naturally darken and you can speed up the process. >> yes, this is part of the darkening process. >> baby oil is cheap. pantyhose and paint. that was one i had to wrestle with. >> say, you have to do paint touchups. you get the old paint can and it's crusty. you should strain it. the best thing is a pair of pantyhose. you stretch it over a bucket and pour t paint into -- through the pantyhose and it will strain it really well. and then you'll get all of those bad impure tities out of the pa, which you don't want on your wall. >> you could use an old pair. >> the ones with the runs in them. >> toothpaste, are we going to polish up silver? >> silver polishes with toothpaste. not just for polishing your
8:41 am
teeth. >> you do have a little paint on you. may i? i'm sorry. >> thank you. >> i don't usually get it for a guest and i'm not getting it all. >> sorry about that. you can polish not just your teeth bu you can polish silver. you can do this with a little toothpaste. just brush it on. and then wipe it clean with a soft cloth. this is a really tarnished piece. look how much comes off. >> with a little rubbing. something, obviously easy to get aat a corner drugstore. >> you don't need to spend $10 on silver polish. >> thank you very much. you took paint for the team. we appreciate that. >> now to the beauty aisle and here with great and affordable style solutions is "real simple" magazine's ann o'neill. a quick fix for our hands and feet are manicures and pedicures but can be exexpensive. >> try an oil-based salt scrub
8:42 am
in the shower. one minute you have smooth hands and feet. >> can the amateur do this and get the same results? >> you can do this and get the same results. the sally hansen callus remover does the same thing. i love aquaphor for everything. >> my kids love that. >> but it's a great overnight treatment for cuticles and hands and nails. >> wrinkles, a quest never-ending for us women but it can be expensive. >> in drugstore brands there's a lot more research and development and great ingredients. sensitive skill, olay does a great product that contains antioxidant, vitamin e, and nuetragena, antioxidant, also soy and great for softening your skin. and biore is a brand people with oily skin know because it's light and feels good on your
8:43 am
skin. this is a serum that's inexpensive. >> how do they compare with the $200 creams? >> you probably have to do your own comparison. personally, i find they do really well. as i said, there's a lot of great ingredients in them now. >> the salon is very expensive. these are not your mom's coloring kits, right? >> especially if you're using a demi permanent, there's no ammonia, the ingredients aren't as harsh and great coloring. that will keep you going. >> and a lot more expensive. we appreciate it. once again, here's lester. >> now to health. of course, you would find all kinds of health fixes at drugstore. many products with-k give you double duty. here to join us is jenny from "prevention" magazine. no paint in this segtd. >> i'm not touching anything. >> b complex as a use to treat a haover, if you just drank a little too much the night before. >> normally we would reach for a bottle of aspirin but you should reach for a bottle of "b"
8:44 am
vitamins. as your body metabolizes alcohol, it uses up the "b" vitamin. before you go to bed drink water and "b" vitamin. >> you have a different use for loz en lozenges, right? >> have you ate a piece of pizza and it burns your mouth, so you can suck on a throat lozenge and it numbs the pain. if you have a minor cut on your tongue, the wet tea bag will -- it will stop the bleeding on your tongue. >> really? >> yeah. >> it's already been in hot water, you let it cool -- >> you cool down, suck on it and it will stop the bleeding. >> if you have a cut or scrape, you can get a band-aid. >> or use lip balm for minor cuts and scrapes. i get them all the time in the
8:45 am
winter and it seals that area. if you have a larger cut, honey is a natural antibacterial. it will keep it from getting infected. >> and the one -- t o that i'm looking at in awe is you have a thing of detergent. tell everybody the use. >> we both get eaten alive by mosquitos but if you put a little drop of laundry detergent on a bug bite it dries out the area and reduces itching and irritation. >> i almost can't wait for a mosquito bite to try that out. i will wait. thanks for being here. our expert and brave volunteers will show you how to find the best bra for anyb
8:46 am
8:47 am
if you want a little lift in your wardrobe, you need to start with what's underneath. we're talking about your bra.
8:48 am
we found three women who needed some help with their bras and cindy johnson from so langery is he is here to make them over. even when you know your size, every bra does not fit the same, correct? >> it's so true. the thing you need to know is that size is just part of it. the other part is the cup shapes and depths have a lot of different changes for the different sizes. >> it depends on what you're wearing, the shape you have. let's start with our first model makeover. we have cherish, wearing a 34d. that's what all of our models are wearing. they all wear the same size. this is her before picture. what was wrong? >> as you said, awe of the girls are 34ds but each has a different shape perform the shape she was wearing gave her a lot lower look and made her look broader. we decided to put her in a lace bra from prima dona.
8:49 am
>> she looks a little more supported. >> she's perkier. with the lace bra, it brings her in and gives her more shape. it's the same black bra but under the purple top. you can't see the seams. >> it's beautiful underneath. i'm sure when you take the shirt off, that's what we're trying to find, the nice balance. let's move on to the next model. we have jennifer and we have a before shot of jennifer. what was her issue here? >> jennifer was just wearing a basic t-shirt bra, getting her a little too low and an unattractive option for her. it wasn't bringing her in. that's what we were looking for. we switched her into the mary jo bra. this is actually the strap. and you can see -- >> you're showing the bra. >> it can swing around her neck. it brought her in more so she has more cleavage. >> she's also a 34d, too. >> but cease never had kids so she was a little perkier.
8:50 am
>> lucky jennifer. talk to her in a couple years, right? let's move on to ann. we have a look at ann before. she also looks like she was having a little bra trouble. she's laughing now. i was trying to say that nicely. >> the bra she was wearing wasn't giving her enough shape and support. she's had kids. i wanted to give her more lift and also gives her more fullness on top. after kids you lose that extra fluff on the top. >> that's true. >> that's a great option for her. >> it's interesting because i think a lot of women think they can't wear the lace when she has a t-shirt. >> she said that when i fitted her. you can't see the lace. it's a dark color. >> what are the rules of thumb. if you know your size, you have that part under way. what are your tips for women bra shopping. >> i think it's important to try a lot of bras on. don't switch your size up automatically. look for different shapes this
8:51 am
is a demi cup, we saw a plunge. >> this is an interesting factoid i got out of this. the average woman can change a bra size five times in your lifetime. how often should you be shopping for a bra and remeasuring yourself? >> i recommend going in on your birthday every year. it's a good time to do it. every year to make sure if you gained weight, lost weight, had kids, it's a good reminder to get refit. >> ladies, thanks for joining us. i know it's not fun to look at the before and after pictures but you all look fantastic. thank you. cindy, thanks for your gre advice as well.
8:52 am
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8:54 am
some medicines that are used to treat heartburn or stomach ulcers, like prilosec, may affect how plavix works, so tell your doctor if you are taking other medicines. if fever, unexplained weakness or confusion develops, tell your doctor promptly. these may be signs of ttp, a rare, but potentially life-threatening condition, reported sometimes less than 2 weeks after starting plavix. other rare but serious side effects may occur.
8:55 am
that's going to do it for us on this saturday morning. our thanks to bill karins and lynn berry. coming up, a legally blind teenager scores the winning touchdown for his team. we'll have that. >> we'll meet the two campers we told you about earlier who rescue aid man after his plane went down in the alaska wilderness, that and more coming up tomorrow. we'll catch you back here tomorrow. bye-bye.
8:56 am
good morning. i'm keith garvin. a look at what we are looking at. shooting at the university of maryland campus first night of homecoming weekend. officer opens fire on two shoplifting suspects. what police say happened. it is one of the most important races on any ballot this year. big names getting involved in the race for governor in virginia. police officers are on top of a doughnut shop. why they are dancing on a rooftop in the rain. chuck? >> it is going to be raining for most of your saturday. but what about tomorrow?
8:57 am
complete detail check of your weekend forecast coming up. >> those stories and much more when "news4 today" begins in less than two minutes.
8:58 am
a saturday soaker. raining all night and shows no signs of letting up. plus, two suspects shot a shop living investigation and leads to a violent con froygstation in
8:59 am
college park. >> police on the roof of a local doughnut shop. you can insert your own cliches here but it is all for a good cause. good morning. welcome to the 9:00 edition request of "news4 today." i'm keith garr are inin for jane jane. chuck bell is standing by in storm center 4. it is wet out there. >> don't you know it, keith. unfortunately we are stuck in the rain showers for today. if you see derrick ward and the police out there trying to raise money on the rooftop, give them a little extra money today for getting out there in the rain. 40-something degrees and in almost every neighborhood. a check of doppler across the area. most of the rain now in and around the capital beltway. portions of suburban and northern maryland. little bit after drying trend out towards western parts of our viewing area. 43


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